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Elections Information

Welcome to AFRINIC's Election Centre

Information on elections can be found here.

Complete documentation about how use the AFRINIC's Election Centre can be found here.

Depending on the type of election, voting will be possible by either:

  • Appointing proxies and or by physical voting at the venue.
  • Electronic Voting available on MyAFRINIC.

Who can vote or generate a proxy?

Any active member in good standing.

Who cannot vote or generate a proxy?

  1. LEGACY and MEMBER-ONLY categories are not allowed to vote/generate a proxy.
  2. If your account has an outstanding balance, voting will not be accessible. Any unpaid invoices would need to be cleared prior.

Appointing a proxy

What is a proxy?

It is possible to authorize a proxy to cast a (physical paper) vote on your behalf. This is done by generating a proxy authorization form, signing it and physically handing it over to the person that will cast the vote on your behalf. The proxy form is handed over to the AFRINIC staff at the meeting venue in exchange for a paper ballot. You can also send a scanned copy to election-proxy[at]afrinic.netat least 24h before the beginning of the AGMM (it is recommended that you also copy your representative on that e-mail).

How to generate a proxy form?

Just navigate to Elections->Access Election Centre and choose the 'proxy' option. Once you have generated a proxy form, you will not be able to cast a vote through the E-Voting system.

Casting a vote

Who can cast a vote using the E-Voting system?

Any registered contact of the organisation..

How to cast a vote using the E-Voting system?

Navigate to Elections->Access Election Centre. Choose "Vote" in the current active election and proceed.